$50/pp if prepaid by 4.29.16

3 day registration

The Event

“Operation Downfall”
3-Day Airsoft Event
Produced by Other World Airsoft/MILSIM Productions
September 16/17/18, 2016

OPERATION DOWNFALL 2 is an Airsoft Battle Game with the Main Objective being Map Domination. Player’s Skills will be tested as they battle through Castles, Cities, Bridges, Forts, and many more Challenging Environments that make up EMR.  Come Join the Battle if you can Handle the Massive 122 Acre Facility.

Please follow us on our Facebook page, the event Facebook page, and on Instagram listed below to see more details about the game and additional vendors.


Instagram: Other_World_Milsim

Contact us: otherworldairsoft@gmail.com


Teams are ALPHA (Green Camo Preferred) and BRAVO (Tan Camo Preferred). We prefer for your Camo Colors to match your Team, but it is not mandatory because we will be issuing Greem Armbands for Alpha and Orange Armbands for Bravo.


To Pre-Register for this event by 9/2/2016 online with a Credit Card, please click: http://mkt.com/other-world-milsim

Printing out the waivers and filling it out before coming to registration speeds up the process and can be done here: http://emrpaintball.com/forms/liability.html

Other World Waiver coming soon!


The cost per player for entry is $50 if pre-paid by 9/2/2016. The day of the event the price for registration will be $75. ALL ENTRY FEES INCLUDE UNLIMITED COMPRESSED AIR FILLS. This entry fee covers your game play for both Saturday and Sunday. There is no Maximum number of players for Operation Downfall 2.

There will be a night game on Friday for those who choose to show up early. There will be a $10 dollar charge per player to play. You can pre order tickets for this or you can get them at the field when you arrive. The game will be played at Castle AARRGH and the old Tippmann Town from 6pm to 9pm. Maximum number for Friday night game is 130 players.

Tickets are nonrefundable.

Event Schedule


12:00 PM         
Store, and Registration opens
2:00 PM
Compressed air & Chrono Open
5:00 PM
Players Meet at Stage
6:00 PM
Evening Play Starts
9:00 PM  
Evening Play Ends
Store Closes
Compressed Air Station Closes
12:00 Midnight  
Rec. Center Closes


7:00 AM
Store, Pre-Registration Area, Registration Area, Chronos, Compressed Air Stations OPEN FOR BUSINESS.
7:15 AM
Chrono and Arm Banding starts
8:55 AM
Chrono Closes for Safety Orientation and Game Rules.
9:00 AM 
Safety Orientation and Game Rules Given at Stage.
10:00 AM
players gather at starting positions
10:30 AM
Operation Downfall Begins
6:30 PM
Operation Downfall Concludes for Saturday
12:00 Midnight 
Rec. Center Closes


8:00 AM
Store, Chronos, Compressed Air Stations OPEN.
8:05 AM
Arm Banding for Both Sides Begins
8:55 AM
Chronos and Air close for Safety Orientation.
9:00 AM
Safety Orientation.
10:00 AM
Operation Downfall Begins
2:00 PM
Operation Downfall Ends
2:30 PM
Prize Giveaways at the Stage
4:00 PM   
Store Closes

Overnight Lodging

Lodging costs $5 per person to stay in our BUNKHOUSES and should be reserved in advance with Pre-registration to guarantee a spot. Walk-on players are not guaranteed spots in bunkhouses. To reserve your own BUNKHOUSE, you need to pre-register at least 15 players and pre-pay a $100 deposit. If you have less than 15 players, you will be assigned to a bunkhouse and may have to share it with other players. We recommend bringing sleeping bags, pillows, and air mattresses for your stay.

CAMPSITES for tents are free however we will be making sure the sites are clean before you leave. It is not fair that Other World Productions or EMR should be responsible for your mess.

There is running water and a sink to clean up in and Porta-Johns for toilets. For showers there is a campground 4 miles away that charges $4 to use their bathroom and shower facility and there is a Flying J Truck Stop one exit below our exit on Rt. 81 that offers Shower Facilities and Dinner Buffets.

Players are welcome to arrive after 12:00pm Noon on Friday 9/16/16 and stay through SUNDAY, 9/18/16. Any TEAMS or GROUPS of PLAYERS that would like to RENT THEIR OWN PORTA-JOHN for the WEEKEND can reserve it by calling Yvonne at Suburban Septic at (888) 775-3693 or (607) 775-3693. You should bring your own padlock if you wish to lock it.

Teams are Alpha(green camo preferred) and bravo(tan camo preferred). Even though we prefer camo colors match your team, dont worry if it doesnt, we will be issuing green arm bands for alpha and orange arm bands for bravo.

All weapons (spring and electric) MUST chronograph below 400 fps with 0.25g BB’s. HPA and Gas weapons MUST chronograph 1.8 joules or lower with 0.25g BB’s. Snipers MUST chronograph below 500 fps with 0.25g BB’s. All snipers MUST be using a bolt-action single shot rifle only. VELOCITY REDUCERS ARE PROHIBITED. Also the ROF(Rate of Fire) is set to no more than 20 rounds per second. Support weapons would be the only exception of the ROF rule.(more details below in the rule section).

The only grenades that can be used during this game are Thunder B’s Tornado Grenades, and other approved Grenade devices. Enola Gaye smoke grenades and other approved cold burning smoke will be limited to certain fields to reduce the risk of a brush fire.

Minimum age required to play in this event is 12 years old. It is recomended that a player under the age of 15 be accompanied by an Adult. All players under 18 years old must have a Liability Waiver/Medical Release completely filled out and signed by a parent or guardian to play.

Smokin J’s BBQ will be on location serving their delicious assortment of fresh food Friday Evening through Sunday. There will also be snacks such as candy bars, soda, energy drinks, water and Gatorade available in the registration building. You may also bring you own food and grills to prepare food or go to one of the many restaurants and fast food places within 10 miles of EMR.

Jackal Tactical, Smokin J”s, More to be announced soon!

Jackal Tactical, Valken, & Enola Gaye, More to be announced soon!

There will be prize drawings at 2:30 pm at the stage on Sunday. Prizes are from the Operation Downfall sponsors. Everyone will receive a ticket stub upon registration upon the day of the event, and the winning numbers will be drawn from these tickets. Some prizes will be revealed prior to the event on the Operation Downfall Facebook page.

The Castle

CASTLE WAR is the second LARGEST, NASTIEST CASTLE that exists in paintball right behind CASTLE AAARRGH.  With over 22,000 square feet of playing area within its walls, CASTLE WAR sports two stories of playing and a full two story 8\’ to 16\’ deep rampart completely encircling a courtyard of buildings, towers, and barricades.  The corridors below the ramparts are full of staggered walls, windows, and doorways leading into the courtyard.  With only 4 openings from the outside into the courtyard and two gang ramps from the Siege Machines onto the upper ramparts, this Castle is a fight to enter from Game On.

Facing the Castle Front Wall (Considered WALL 1) is DEUCE\’S WILD, a large area set up with speedball like bunkers and buildings, To the right of the castle is WALL 2 which faces CASTLE NUMBSKULL with woods, stone fences, and barricades throughout. The back wall (WALL 3) is faced with trees and bunkers backed by a downhill sloping ridge. To the right (WALL 4) there is a mixture of trees, barricades, and buildings before hitting a downward slope.

The TIPPMAN TOWN 2.0 consists of numerous One and Two Story Buildings surrounded by Speedball Courses and starts 200\’ from the front Door of Castle War.  This Battle will pit two even teams against each other that will attempt to take over the opposing Area, Retrieve Props, and control Flags.


Standard EMR Rules apply in addition to the following:

Battle Games
Other World Production Rules

Who can play?

The minimum age to play is 12 years of age. All players under the age of 18 MUST have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian!

Rules & Safety

(OWP & EMR) holds safety as its #1 priority followed closely by fun and excitement! Airsoft & Milsim is geared towards the mature, level-headed player. Common sense and the right, fair-play, honest attitude are a must at our events.

(OWP) requires everyone to have a barrel cover over the tip of their gun when not on the playing field, as well as magazine out and safety on! All pistols must be holstered.

All players are required to attend the safety briefing prior to the start of the game!
(OWP) Approved Face Protection must remain on at all times while on the field or Chronograph Areas. Do not remove Face Protection under any circumstance. Fully sealed approved goggle systems must be used including paintball Goggle/Mask systems or approved Airsoft goggles that meet or exceed ASTM standards. The full face and ears must be covered by a mask system for players under 18 and for over 18 a balaclava, bandana, or other protection to prevent injury or penetration of BBs. There will be a Mandatory Ejection of any players lifting or removing goggle/ full-face mask system while in goggle on areas (Playing Field, Chronograph Area, Target Area) after being personally warned once. This includes any action in which a player touches his/her Eye Protection in such a way that the seal of the goggles is broken. NO MESH GOGGLES!(ANSI Z87.1 and/or ASTM F-1776-99a rated (or greater) ballistic eye protection will be accepted.)

Cease Fire: Players or staff should call “cease fire” if you or another player is injured or loses their eye protection and requires immediate Admin/Medical attention. You will need to both vocally and via Comms (if possible) make the “cease fire” call with approximate location and details of the incident.

Mandatory Equipment: Gun, Face Protection/Goggles, red dead rag.

Recommended Equipment: Helmet, boots, knee pads, gloves, long pants and long sleeve shirt.

YOU MAY NOT WEAR RED CLOTHING OR GEAR. Red represents Dead on the kill rag. This would confuse players.
Weapons: spring, and electric MUST chronograph below 400 fps with 0.25g BB’s. Full auto may be used at 20 RPS or under- Minimum engagement distance of 10′ with the exception of support weapons.

Support Weapons up to 400 FPS with 0.25g BB’s.Full Auto may be used. ROF may exceed 20 RPS, Minimum engagement distance of 50′.

HPA, Gas, and CO2 must chronograph 1.8 joules or lower with .25g BB’s. Full auto may be used at 20 RPS or under-Minimum engagement distance is 10′.

Snipers: MUST chronograph below 500 fps with 0.25g BB’s. All snipers MUST be using a bolt-action single shot rifle only. No automatic or semi-automatics allowed! Semi-auto and full-auto modes MUST be PERMANENTLY disabled! Snipers are not allowed in any structures or buildings (for safety of players).Minimum engagement distance is 100′.

Any weapons that do not chronograph below safety limits will not be allowed on the field! NO EXCEPTIONS!


If you get caught tampering with the ROF or FPS after you have been to chrono and have not re-chronoed your gun, YOU WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE GAME!

NO PHYSICAL CONTACT OR HAND TO HAND COMBAT WILL BE ALLOWED! (Violation of this rule will result in immediate ejection)

No verbal abuse, name-calling, profanity, etc. will be tolerated.

No stealing, vandalizing, or fighting. (you will be turned over to the police)

No Drugs or Alcohol

Game staff or Refferee has the final say. So no Arguing with Staff.

No blind firing permitted. You must be aware of where your BBs are flying.

BIODEGRADIBLE BB’S ONLY! Any weight BB can be used for game play after chrono (no metal or ceramic BBs of any kind are allowed to be used. If caught using either, there will be an automatic ejection from the facility). Vendors will have plenty of bio BB’s for sale.

(OWP) does not require any certain camo pattern. however it is preferred that Alpha players wear green camo and Bravo players wear tan camo.

(OWP) requires every player to have a red dead rag on their person while playing. The red dead rag is to be placed on top of your head or held up high when you are hit to symbolize you are out.

At (OWP) battle games there is no restriction on what type of airsoft magazines you can use.

Airsoft is a game of honor, CALL YOUR OWN HITS. Do not call opposing team players out. If you believe the hits on that player are not being called please inform a ref and he will look into it. Players caught cheating will get one warning and after that they will be ejected from the game.

Hit Rule: If you are hit anywhere on your person or gear you are out. Friendly fire counts. All Hits count except for Ricochets. After you are hit yell “HIT” or “OUT” and pull out your red dead rag and make sure it is visible. Weapon Hits do not count.

Dead Man Tell No Tales. which means that if your are shot, you may not communicate with any player in play. The only thing you are allowed to do is call for a “MEDIC”. Please walk back to your base or respawn point.

Medic rule- At (OWP) battle games the medic rule is the “medic” must grab ahold of your arm or leg and hold it there for 15 seconds for you to come back alive. ONLY medics are allowed to heal other Medic players.

Bleed out rule- If you get tired of waiting for a medic or it is impossible for your medic to get to you may either return to your respawn and re enter or bleed out to a medic after 3 minutes of being hit. To bleed out to a medic you have to retreat to do so, you may not advance.

Grenades: No dummy grenades allowed! In order to kill a player with a grenade your grenade must discharge. (Thunder B’s, Tornado,etc.) Kill radius 15′. No real explosive grenades will be allowed.

At (OWP) battle games smoke is allowed, but only at certain areas on the field that will be identified before the game and only cold burning smoke grenades are allowed.

Bang Bang rule: If a player enters in close range combat, inside the 10′ minimum engagement distance where firing his/her weapon is against the rules, and has a clear line of sight to the enemy and the enemy is “dead to rights” use the BANG BANG rule. BANG BANG rule is put into play for safety reasons only. It is not a way of killing someone tactically. If your enemy says BANG BANG to you, you should honor the call and immediately yell HIT and pull out your red dead rag.

Radios: (not mandatory) but recommended to get game updates for your team. There is NO radio warfare. Please no listening on enemy team’s channels. Channels 1-3 are used for staff and game control, 4-6 Alpha, 7-9 Bravo.

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EMR Event Park is an 122 Acre Family Owned Facility that offers Paintball, Airsoft, LARP, RC Racing, Obstacle/Mud Runs, and Magfed Events. With 35 Bunkhouses, 106 Campsites, Rec. Center, Picnic Pavilion, 3 Castles, 2 Towns, and a variety of Terrain, EMR is also available to rent for your Own Event.

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About Us


EMR Event Park is an 122 Acre Family Owned Facility that offers Paintball, Airsoft, LARP, RC Racing, Obstacle/Mud Runs, and Magfed Events. With 35 Bunkhouses, 106 Campsites, Rec. Center, Picnic Pavilion, 3 Castles, 2 Towns, and a variety of Terrain, EMR is also available to rent for your Own Event.

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