Operation Downfall III Overnight Stay

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    The deposits will be returned at the end of your stay if the Bunkhouse/Campsite is clean with no damage. All Deposit Refunds must Be Claimed at the Store before leaving the Event!
  • For Individuals or Groups under 15 players
    Price: $10.00 Quantity:
  • 15 Player Minimum Required! $100 plus a $50 Security Deposit. Specify the preferred Bunkhouse(s) if you know the number under Comments.
    Price: $150.00 Quantity:
  • $20 Security Deposit Required, $5 Charge per 20’ x 20’ Site. Specify the Preferred Site(s) if you know the number under Comments.
  • $20 Security Deposit Required, $10 Charge per 20’ x 40’ Site


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EMR Event Park is an 122 Acre Family Owned Facility that offers Paintball, Airsoft, LARP, RC Racing, Obstacle/Mud Runs, and Magfed Events. With 35 Bunkhouses, 106 Campsites, Rec. Center, Picnic Pavilion, 3 Castles, 2 Towns, and a variety of Terrain, EMR is also available to rent for your Own Event.

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