EMR Paintballers

EMR Paintball Park is a premiere paintball and airsoft facility and home of the famous Castle Conquest. We have 20 diverse playing fields that include; Castles, Forts, Villages, and Towns complete with 2 story buildings, bunkers, tunnels, bridges, woods and various terrain!

Book a private group, stop by for paintball or airsoft open play, or register for an EMR Big Event and play with up to a 1000 people! We have a full service Rec Center and Store for all of your paintball playing needs and offer overnight stays with campsites and bunkhouses available!

Presented by EMR
Mar 28/29 2015
“GALACTIC GUARDIANS” on March 28th is a 7 HOUR SCENARIO presented by Tyler “TYGUR” Gurdak. This Scenario will pit Nova Lord and his Guardians against Thanin and his Minions. The evil Thanin is on a mission to find the Infinite Stones so he can use them to conquer the galaxy. The only ones brave, or some may say stupid, enough to fight Thanin are the Galactic Guardians. The Guardians are lead by Nova Lord. Can Nova Lord and his Guardians defeat Thanin or will Thanin conquer the galaxy? The game will include missions, props to collect, and Flag Stations to hold for points.